How To Send A Perfect Buyer Request

Buyer Request Sample/template by Hridoy Chowdhury

Do you have trouble getting orders on Fiverr? Are you having trouble writing a killer Fiverr buyer request?

No worries! We will discuss all the things you might be doing wrong when writing a buyer request in the 13th article of our FREE Fiverr series. In addition, we’ll give some tips using examples and samples so that you can master the skill of crafting a winning Fiverr buyer request. Let’s get started!

Mistakes Sellers Make When Writing Buyer Requests


1. Copy-Pasting the Same Templates Every Time

Most new Fiverr sellers prepare a template and then use it when responding to buyer requests. Without reading the job description, they just copy-paste the same template everywhere. You’re wasting your time, my friend, if you do this as well.

2. Making Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Especially if you are applying for the writing and translation categories, grammar and spelling errors are a big NO for buyers. You can send your buyers a professional message by using tools like Grammarly.

3. Using Too Many Difficult Words

You should be aware that if you use complex vocabulary in buyer requests, you may irritate many people. You don’t need to speak Oxford-level English when communicating with buyers. Make your points clear and concise.

4. Writing Long Paragraphs

Some sellers use long paragraphs to explain their expertise. Fiverr users often make this mistake. Being concise is always best. Do not include unnecessary details in the description because nobody has extra time to read it.

Buyer Request

5. Offering Unlimited Revisions

I do not support Fiverr’s unlimited revisions policy. My advice to sellers is to value their time and effort. Although the unlimited revisions may entice buyers to buy your gig, you will end up spending a lot of time on that $5 order. If you’re confident of your skills, you don’t have to offer unlimited revisions just to be frustrated by toxic buyers at the end.

6. Making Big Promises

Many sellers claim to know everything to win projects. Despite knowing they can’t complete the task perfectly, they overpromise. Therefore, be honest in your communication and only commit to projects that you are sure you can complete. The result will be clients who trust your words and leave good reviews on your profile.

8  Tips to Write an Effective Fiverr Buyer Request

Next, let’s discuss how to respond to a buyer’s request and increase your chances of being accepted:

1. Take Time to Understand the Job

Fiverr sellers rarely read the job description in full. After sending premade templates to buyers, they complain later that they never receive orders from Fiverr.

The best buyer request proposal understands the problem of the buyers and then assures them that it will be resolved effectively.

Consider reading the entire job description, understanding the buyer’s concerns, and proceeding accordingly before you respond to a buyer request.

2. Go for the Best Bidding Price

Setting the “right” price in the buyer request proposal is one of the most important things to increase the chances of getting the project. Usually, sellers bid at a ridiculously low rate.

Some buyers are price-sensitive. They’d be happy to work for a low rate if you asked them. Getting reviews on your profile is a great strategy for new sellers.

However, if you have a good reputation, setting an average price is the best approach.

In a buyer request proposal, for example, if the buyer mentions a budget of $50 and the job does not require a lot of time, I’ll set the bidding price of $45 in the buyer request. This works a lot of times.

3. Write a Clear and Concise Description

As we discussed earlier, being to the point is very important for buyers. Make sure your proposals are short and to the point. It is okay to remove sentences from your description if you feel they do not add any value.

Have a look at how I write my proposals for buyer requests:

4. Maintain Business Casual and Friendly Tone

In your buyer request proposals, keep a light and businesslike tone. If it works for you, you can also add some humour, but stay within the parameters. Consider using words that will inspire buyers to think that you are a good business partner.

5. Address the Needs of the Buyers

In order to win a job, it’s important to understand the buyer’s mind. You can only do this if you know what buyers want from you and how to convince them that you are the right fit for their job.

The tip here is to tell the buyers what you can do for them rather than what you did for others. Say that you are available to make things work for them and provide a solution to their needs.

Demonstrate that you have understood their requirements and that your knowledge is sufficient for the project.

When expressing confidence, use phrases like “I strongly believe that I am able to complete this job” rather than “I will perform this task”.

Here is another buyer request proposal that I sent to a client and was accepted for the project:

6. Ask a Question (If Any)

It is a great way to ensure buyers that you have understood their needs. If the buyer does not mention something important in the description or if you want more information on some parts of the buyer request, you can ask the buyer to elaborate further.

Here’s how I ask questions in my buyer request proposal:

7. Talk about Your Expertise Briefly

Describe to your client the experience you have in your field and the successful projects you have completed (related to the buyer’s request). They will be able to judge your expertise for their projects by seeing some of your portfolio.

My expertise can be seen in this buyer request proposal as well:

8. Buyer Request Write How You’ll Complete the Task

Once you have understood the requirements of the project, mention the ways that you’ll use to complete the buyer’s task. In this way, buyers will surely get to know that you are not wasting their time. This is a great approach to win jobs from buyer requests.

9. Show Your Samples

It’s hard to convince buyers that you will complete their project successfully if you’re a new seller. A good way to get the attention of a buyer as a new seller is to send links to your previous work.

If you are going to discuss your experience outside of Fiverr, never use the phrase “outside of Fiverr”. Your message will be blocked by Fiverr’s system if you use this phrase because asking a client to work outside of this platform is against their rules.

Additionally, you can mention that you are new to this platform and ask the buyer to give you a chance to showcase your talents. Say that you will not mind if a more experienced seller is chosen over you to avoid sounding desperate.

10. Buyer Request Add a Call-to-Action at the End

A call-to-action is always included at the end of any buyer request I send. Examples include:

  • I’ll wait to hear back from you.
  • You may place the order today.
  • If you want to see more samples, please drop a message in my inbox.

Fiverr Template Download: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nr_sv8aGnklRW3L1PpVJ1cPl14p71fILGKroHehp374/edit


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